What I do?

My name is Artemisa Mendoza, I am an Information designer, Clasical animator and Illustrator that is in love with her job, I worked as a freelance designer in Mexico for a while before deciding to study Classical Animation in Vancouver Institute of Media and Arts (Vanarts) and Digital Graphic Design in Vancouver Community College.

“Information Designer, Classical animator & Illustrator”

I like working in teams but I have no problem working on my own. I'm always happy to learn new things, and I also adapt quickly to any working environment, I'm also a very organized person which can work prefectly under pressure. I am open to criticism over my work, for me is always an opportunity to improve and understand better my client needs. If you are interested in my work please contact me, I will be happy to help you.

How I do it?

After a few years working as freelance I learned that one of the most importat things in my work is always think in the final user of whatever I am designing. I always start every project by gathering information, researching and taking my time to know my client, this is a vital step to develop a successful design.The second step I take is drawing my ideas in my sketchbook, this help me to visualize and organize the information I have in a cheap and fast way. Afterall this process I finally start using other tools to make my designs alive.

Photoshop (x)HTML Flash
Illustrator CSS OPUS - Toon Boom
InDesign Basic ActionScript DIGICEL Flipbook
After Effects Dreamweaver

Where to find me?

Currently I'm living in Vancouver, Canada. If you are interested in my work feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to contact you.

Curriculum Vitae

Email: artemisamendozag@hotmail.com

Blog: artemisamendoza@blogspot.com

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